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“The bright and brilliant indie guitarist, Mark Mosley shows moxie by creating an independent debut that defiantly and gleefully transcends genre trappings. For adventurous listeners, TLC is an endless delight. There are smooth jazz hit worthy tunes for sure, but that’s just the beginning of this stellar project.” – Jonathan Widran

“I like your tone and approach. You're letting the music breathe and creating in the moment. I hear melodies when you solo. Let's play together sometime.” - John Stowell

“Mark Mosley is a gifted guitarist. Mark has succeeded in combining some great traditional Jazz blues lines with more modern chromatic and sequential playing. Mark's soloing is like a combination of Grant Green and McCoy Tyner.” - Doug Munro

“I enjoy your music; great tone on the band number. The L5 and Twin are great together & I loved your thumb playing of the head.” - Wolf Marshall

“Mark Mosley is an excellent guitarist with a clear tone, a harmonically advanced style and a swinging approach. Mosley’s tone and style at various times is reminiscent of Pat Martino, Russell Malone, Kenny Burrell and others in the modern straight ahead idiom. He builds up his solos logically, takes some chances, and yet always sounds relaxed and confident, even at faster tempos.” - Scott Yanow

“Mosley's playing is firmly entrenched in the jazz guitar tradition, though he often takes risks in exploring new, more modern territory that other bebop based guitarists might shy away from. Possessing a tone that is both warm and engaging, Mosley is never too hard on his pick, his attack is smooth yet never to the point of sloppy. He prefers to lay back on the beat, with that classic '60s Blue Note feel, something that he has garnered from years of studying the greats, with Kenny Burrell and Grant Green coming to mind in particular.” - Matthew Warnock

“Very nice! Reminds me how we connected.” - Paul Brown

“Hey man, I love it! Funky as hell! You are on the right track bro! I wish you all the best with this project and all the ones to follow.” - Ronny Jordan  

“Hey Mark, I really dig your timing and phrasing. The perfect antidote to "nerd jazz." - Greg Clayton  

“I like it alot. Great groove, wonderful playing." - Bret Primack  

“I like it! Good time and the band is grooving. I will pass it along to all my friends on the West Coast." - Jaime Valle  

“Hi Mark! Yes, I checked your MP3s - thanks for sharing them. The music and you sound great." - Lonnie Plaxico  

“Hey Man, your tunes sound really good. Congratulations on all of your success and hard work. Here is a live clip for you to enjoy. My way of saying thanks. I will let you know when I am coming down your way. Safe Journeys!" - Rodney Jones  

“It was great meeting you Mark. Your CD is wonderful. Thank you again for sharing it with me. Look forward to seeing you again soon." - Al Turner  

“Great job on "Sweet Love" Mark. Very nice!" - Larry Martin Kimpel  

“Nice stuff. Looking forward to playing with you. Nice feel and tone!" - Lonnie Gasperini  

“Mark, thank you for sharing your recording with me. You sound very good. Where are you playing? I am hosting a Blue Monday jam sesson at the 57th St. Gallery, 5701 Telegraph Ave., 7PM til 11PM. Come by and bring your Ax. Looking forward to seeing you. Keep up the good work!" - Calvin Keys  

“You sound great on Misty. You really have the music in you. Would love to meet you some day. Do some playing together." - Jimmy Bruno  

Online with Andrea Garrison Internet radio talk show host.

"I am not a Critic or a Judge and never had the desire to be - but - I have listened to your music and the artistry is very, very good I can feel what you are doing and feeling is all that is important or meaningful to me and you have that power, just always enjoy it as you go through life and your contributions musically. I respect it and you" - David T. Walker  

"Hello Mr. Mosley! Nice performance at the Art Museum last Sunday in Hagerstown, MD! We need more Jazz events like that in our area. I purchased your CD - TLC and I'm loving every track! Keep up the good work :-)." - Kind regards, Deadre  


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